Qin and Rahl ran into complications durring the last mission they took. They gathered the 7 Swords of Sin, and then found that the noble Lady who hired them to do it was in a cult, and planned on using the swords to sacrifice Qin, Rahl, their beefy cohort, and the entire rest of the city. After learning of this, Qin and Rahl destroyed the swords. Being a high ranking noble, the Lady who hired them was able to get the story out that the Qin and Rahl had gathered the swords with the intent on performing the sacrifice themselves, and that the Lady herself had destroyed the swords to thwart them. Naturally… the world, or at least the important quest giving part of the world… believed her.

Conveniently, Qin and Rahn and their cross-fit fighter cohort received a message sent by Nikos Cornian shortly after their reputation was ruined. The message was sent to offer a job in Chessenta, which would help restore their reputation, and put them in the good graces of the War Hero of Chessenta herself. Qin and Rahn boarded the ship and headed to Luthcheq…

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