Party accepts escort and took 2 prisoner dragonborn at ambush, and also took escort Bim.

Party gets messenger to meet them at the inn.

Party pays urchin to give direction to good quiet secluded place. Thinking about using urchin again as a contact. Secluded place is “Dead End Ally” where loud and strange things are never noticed by passers by.

Party learned that Bim is a wyrmkeeper and is the one who brought in abushai to assassinate the PCs upon arrival to Luthcheq. Bim claims to have been in direct contact with Tiamat.

Nikos provided list of items as quest reward, and PCs accepted green hand killer mission. Next session they meet with the War Hero in the morning. Nikos is directly under the War Hero, and War Hero is leader of Chessenta (not just Luthcheq)

Nikos’ “body identifier” servant says he doesn’t recognize the split head of Bim, but believes he must be a part of the New Cult of the Dragon. He also knows that there is another group, much less known, called Cult of the Dragon, with a lot fewer members. He didn’t know they were active around here, but the cause of the New Cult of the Dragon is only to spread chaos and such around.

7 Abushai killed – loot:
(added to total loot in next session notes)


malipendragon malipendragon

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